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A walk through Beirut on Friday the 9th of May, 2008

Sunday 11 May 2008, by Webmoudir

We received this description of a walk through Beirut, we thought it is interesting to share.

Today (Friday) I went to a field walk from my home (Beirut Southern Suburbs) to Hamra, just to check the different parts of Beirut. After I crossed the safara el kuwateye (Koweit Embrassy) no one was present there. No one at all. When I reached the Cola area I saw only army there (it was around 12 am) and they were blocking by tanks all the roads to Tareek el jdede. Because I have a beard, wearing black, and was looking at them loathful (army is a tool of state repression) they thought I am a Hezbollah member thus they did not even talk to me! I continued walking to reach Corniche el Mazraa, that was a major place of combats, and it was empty! Not even a single cat was there at noon, that usually is so full of people. When I crossed the road, the "heroes" of haraket amal and hezbollah appeared. They moved in groups up to like 12 poeople with all weapons, from the M16, Kalachnikov to the RPG and BKC ... again they did not speak to me because they thought I am one of them. When i reached the Mar Elias main road there were gun fights taking place in Caracole el druze (el zarif area), and haraket amal militia men were filling the street. After things calmed down, I continued walking towards the Zarif area, where I have seen haraket amal celebrating their victory. Their members were walking in cars and shooting in the air celebrating ta7reer el zarif ! (Zarif liberation)

One of them stopped me, and asked what I am doing there. After he has figured out that I am not with them, he tried to intimidate me by his stupid prehistoric methods, but he failed, and after a long conversation with me he let me go. I went down to the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) Headquarters. What was strange is that even the LCP headquarters were sieged by Haraket Amal fighters, and they had continuous dawreyet (turning around) in the main road in front of the LCP. When I was in the Witwet area (Zarif area) heavy fights were taking place in Hamra and Sanayeh. For each 10 RPG’s shootings I heard one round of shoots, so I guess Haraket Amal were just trying their weaponary on some building in that area ..... after things calmed down relatively I continued walking towards Hamra. The "mo7areren" (liberators) were filling the place, some even putting matrices and resting after a long day of "Jihad" against "Israelis". When I reached the end of Spears, and was going left to Hamra, the army stopped me, and told me to go back. So I went back thru the same road I came from. This time I was lucky to find a friend of mine who had a car and we went back. When we passed thru mar elias there was one scenary i can never forget. A haraket amal hero resting with his weapon on his side, and an Arguilleh (hubble buble) on the other side. MILITIAS !!

Just to conclude my experience today, what happened in the 7,8 and the 9th of May proves that Amal is just a militia to be disarmed and the only good thing Hezbollah can do with his weapons (other than fighting israel) is burry them. As a sectarian party this it is the maximun they can do. The need to a working class party that can push forward the demands of the working class- or any other form of organization- is a need that grow day by day to face such neoliberal puppets like the government.

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