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Israeli aggression against Lebanon

Tuesday 18 July 2006, by Webmoudir

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On Wednesday, 12 July 2006, Israel began enacting its plan to destroy Lebanon and massacre its people, with the whole world watching and in all impunity !!

With the Lebanese government powerless and held hostage, the Arab League states’ cowardice, the biased position of the United States and the international community’s laxity, free rein has been given to Israel’s murderous madness and policy of collectively punishing an already afflicted Lebanon. Daily bombings that spare neither civilians, nor ports, airports or infrastructure (bridges, highways, factories, electric power plants, hydrocarbon reserves etc.) have isolated regions of Lebanon from each other and from the capital.

But Israel’s spite has not stopped at isolating these stricken areas ; it has cut off Lebanon entirely through a sea, air and land blockade.

Whole villages and towns have been destroyed: A number of inhabitants are forced to remain where they are during bombardments and face a shortage of essential medication and food items. Rescue workers are unable to reach them.

More than 500’000 displaced people (according to the latest estimates) are evacuating southern Lebanon and the southern suburb of Beirut following the destruction of all their belongings.

They find themselves entirely helpless, some without shelter for the night, in spite of efforts by the Social Affairs Ministry together with various civil society organizations and a network of volunteer youth.

Lebanon, trying to emerge as best it can from a (long) period of transition, has once again been plunged into political, economic and humanitarian crisis.

Attac Lebanon activists add their cries of indignation and dissent to those of all Lebanese and call everyone to mobilize, in ways you find most appropriate, in solidarity with us and against the violent and blind aggression of Israel.

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