ATTAC Lubnan Liban Lebanon أتاك لبنان ـ الجمعية اللبنانية لأجل عولمة بديلة

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Monday 5 March 2007, by Webmoudir

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ATTAC Lebanon is an anti-globalization activist group working towards alternatives to the current global system.
Primarily self-educational, ATTAC Lebanon aims at informing the public about significant socio-economic issues in order to increase awareness on the eminent dangers of neo-liberal globalization. Globalization is the destructive and damaging consequence of the economic policies created by global super powers and financial institutions such as The World Trade Organization, World Bank, and The International Monetary Fund. These partial policies permit multinationals and global capitalists to dominate world resources and markets by allowing for the existence of global monopolies and the suppression of barriers nation-states might create to resist the imposing political, economic and military hegemonic agenda.
ATTAC Lebanon is part of the international movement that believes “another world is possible.”
Attac Lebanon is open to all who agrees to its principles and wishes to participate in its activities. You can join by participating in one of the following working groups:

- The “World Trade Organization” and the “Lebanon not for Sale” campaign
- Imperialism, military globalization
- Gender and globalization
- The public debt

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