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Open letter on the cessation of violence in Lebanon, August 14, 2006.

Friday 18 August 2006, by Webmoudir

ATTAC LUBNAN is issuing this open letter on the cessation of violence in Lebanon, August 14, 2006.

A “cease-fire” has been imposed on Lebanon and Hizbullah and ratified by the UN Security Council on August 12, one month to the day after Israel commenced its ruthless and vindictively named “Operation Just Reward”. Israeli disregard for Lebanese and Palestinian life over the past month has resulted in the horrific deaths of 1,110 innocent civilians, 3698 injured, and the official displacement of 980,393 souls, more than one-fourth of the population of Lebanon. The financial cost is in the billions and will effect the growth and development of Lebanon for the next decade as well as destroying the livelihood of tens of thousands of Lebanon’s poorest citizens. The Lebanese people have been subjected to the use of banned chemical and thermobaric weapons as well as two-thousand kilo uranium-depleted warheads. An enormous oil spill (from Israeli bombing) has caused an environmental disaster, potentially damaging the marine ecosystem permanently. The failure of Western and Arab governments to stand up to Israel, who was faithfully executing the Bush imperial agenda in the Middle East, is indictable, while the collusion between Western and many Arab media sources and the Israeli and US propaganda machines has been shameful.

While ATTAC LUBNAN rejects the reactionary and sectarian politics of Hizbullah, we support the right of all Lebanese to resist Israeli occupation as well as the right of all Lebanese to defend themselves from Zionist aggression by all means necessary.

ATTAC LUBNAN condemns Israel’s use of terror in Lebanon as a mechanism for political ends. Using the two kidnapped soldiers as a pretext, Israel’s offensive was not a “war on terror” but a calculated war of terror. Its illegal use of excessive force in Lebanon was aimed to force the neo-liberal Lebanese government to deploy an obviously ineffectual and weak Lebanese Army to the frontier. Israel created a humanitarian crisis, mass suffering and the demolition of the country’s economy to reach political goals, namely force the political process towards normalization” between the two countries. In using terror, Israel blatantly engaged in collective punishment and disproportional retaliation (not self-defense). Therefore, the Zionist State violated Article 50 of the Hague Regulations, Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and Article 75 of Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions.


- 1.ATTAC LUBNAN calls on the international community and Hague War Crimes Tribunal to push for the prosecution of Ehud Olmert and Amir Peretz as well as the ranking officers of the Israeli Army, Air force, and Navy for war crimes and criminal negligence in Lebanon and for violating human rights conventions and international laws both in Lebanon and in Palestine.

- 2. ATTAC LUBNAN calls on the international community to boycott all Israeli goods, services, products, cultural and academic organizations and events along with boycotting all companies and organizations that continue doing business with Israel. This boycott will last until Israel

  • a. is prosecuted for its war crimes and criminal negligence;
  • b. returns all occupied land in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria;
  • c. pays reparations to the families of the innocent men, women and children they murdered in cold-blood;
  • d. pay for the complete reconstruction of infrastructure and property destroyed in its criminal invasion of Lebanon as well as siege of Gaza.

- 3. ATTAC LUBNAN rejects UN Security Council Resolution 1701 as one more coercive mechanism of control for Israel and the United States, who selectively use and enforce Security Council resolutions at their will. 1701, like 1559, is a violation of Lebanese sovereignty and unfairly strips the Lebanese of their right to self-defense and the liberation of its territory and citizens illegally incarcerated in Israel.

- 4. ATTAC LUBNAN calls for the immediate resignation of the Lebanese government including the President, Prime Minister, and Cabinet, whose incompetent handling of the invasion and refugee crisis exacerbated the suffering of millions of Lebanese. In addition, all high ranking military officers should be fired, stripped of their rank and pension for dereliction of duty.

- 5. ATTAC LUBNAN calls on the government to immediately open all livable, uninhabited space in Beirut’s downtown and public arenas such as Biel and the Beirut Forum to refugees. Thousands of square-meters are empty and were renovated and built at the expense of the Lebanese tax-payers. We demand that these spaces be used as temporary and permanent, if need be, housing for refugees’ whose homes have been destroyed.

- 6. ATTAC LUBNAN also calls on the Lebanese government to reject all aid from Britain and the United States as well as expelling their ambassadors.

- 7. ATTAC LUBNAN calls on the Lebanese government to decommission its Army and all internal security forces. As these armed and security forces clearly demonstrated little ability to defend Lebanon, we insist that the government recommission all military personal, funding, and equipment into a humanitarian and relief agency. Recommissioned soldiers and officers will rebuild destroyed homes, factories, help replant destroyed farmland, and harvest crops that were inaccessible because of Israeli aggression.

- 8. ATTAC LEBANON calls for a multi-national force to be deployed inside Israel on the frontiers of the frontiers of Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza as well as lands still illegally occupied by Israel including Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shuba, the Golan, and most of the West Bank. This multi-national force should consist of troops from Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, China or non-aligned countries. This multinational force will be responsible for patrolling the Israeli side of the border as to protect the Lebanese and Palestinians from the Zionist State’s its proven record offensive military aggression.

ATTAC LUBNAN also thanks the thousands of comrades all over the world, with a special thanks to our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Tunis, Switzerland, Belgium, and France for the overwhelming show of solidarity and support. We remain steadfast in our struggle.

Stephen Sheehi, ATTAC LUBNAN Lebanon

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