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War NO ! Stop this tragedy!
On August 10, 2006: 1200 dead, 1 million refugees. Whole villages razed to the ground. A whole country taken as hostage.

Saturday 12 August 2006, by Webmoudir

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On August 11, 2006: 1200 dead, 1 million refugees out of 4 million inhabitants,150 destroyed bridges. Whole villages razed to the ground: A whole country taken as hostage.

The humanitarian crisis intensifies daily. The refugees are spread out between schools, parks, uninhabited and decayed buildings; others are forced to find accommodation with either close relations or sometimes even strangers, who opened their doors to them.

Some families left the "guest houses " to join either schools, or other places of gathering, because it is getting more and more difficult for the "hosts families" too, to provide for their needs, they themselves forced to survive in the current economic crisis. The shortage of everything and the sky high prices render the situation unbearable for all Lebanese people.

In spite of the humanitarian aid and the engagement of young volunteers and civil associations, many families are in dire need, since even the aid convoys became a target for Israeli war planes, and truck-drivers do not dare anymore to risk their life on the few still manageable roads, leading to the more distant and isolated areas: their inhabitants thus have virtually no more any means of receiving food. All the vehicles moving in the south are suspected of transporting weapons and are thus likely to become coffins for their passengers, who are civilians !

The embargo does not only create a shortage of foodstuffs but threatens to effectively paralyse the country: petroleum is no longer to be had on the market. The factories stopped functioning. The hospitals soon will have to close their doors. The shortage of gasoline is a further obstacle for aid transports. Lebanon is at risk to be plunged into total darkness by the end of the week. Even the candles have become a rare product these days and are increasingly hard to find!

The political leaders don t act despite of this tragedy.

The international organizations, with the UN at their head, are nothing more than political tools, used to legitimate the will and the actions of the strongest, namely Israel and its unconditional ally, the United States. The silence of the international community and in particular of the United States, is shameful. It endorses the Israeli war and its planned destruction of Lebanon and the massacre of its people. It turns all of those that remain silent into accomplices, into the guilty party.

The UN still hasn’t succeeded in working out even just one resolution condemning Israel. No Arab state took the trouble to break off diplomatic relationships, (official or semi-official) with Israel!

The leaders of the whole world remain deaf to the calls of the people demonstrating in their tens of thousands against Israeli barbarity.

Israel proves every day since the beginning of this dirty and disproportionate war, that it is a racist state and assassin. The children of Cana, Bint Jbeil, Kafarkila, Sidon or Tyrus do not carry weapons. .

The militants of ’Attac Lebanon’ involve themselves daily, as much as possible, and on a small scale, with the various aid networks that are trying to help the refugees.

Whether it means working near the deplaced refugees in the schools of Beirut, or with the families where aid takes a long time to arrive, or by raising awareness of local and international public opinion on the reality of this war and the gravity of the crisis."

Translation : Harriet Leeck, Coorditrad

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